Welcome to the alpha 0.0.1 build of Shielding Sheave!!!

This build will showcase the level mechanics of the first world, Sheave's moveset and basic abilities, the level map navigation and one of the many upcoming version of Sheave.

Explore the world with these controls:
Left and Right keys- Left/Right; Switch Roller Direction
Up key-Jump;Shield Bash;Grab Ladder;Climb ladder up; Up
Down key-Yoyo Shield; Grab Ladder; Descent Ladder; Down
Space key-Shield Smack(no visuals yet);Interact; Enter Level
Z key- Shield Yeet
X key- Bomb Throw
C key- (hold)Roller summon;(release)Roller cancel

Install instructions

Just click download on your chosen file!


ssalpha001-linux .AppImage 69 MB
ssalpha001-windows .zip 65 MB
ssalpha001-macos .zip 62 MB

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