How to play: 

You control the red dude with the left and right directional keys, and control the blue dude with the A and D keys. You make them both jump using space(it's kinda finnicky). If you have trouble with the orientation, you can press Tab to flip perspectives! Avoid the randomly appearing spikes and collect as much gems as you can! to collect a gem, you need to collect each part.

This was made for the Ben Bonk Jam 2021!!!

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorNo Face
GenrePlatformer, Survival
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Game Jam, Singleplayer


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I sometimes die for no reason,anyways lovely game!

Maybe you run out of time?

Oh yeah sorry! I did not see the timer (I was probably scrolled up to much)

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Too difficult. It felt more like a game you'd play with your friends in school on Friv then a single player game. 5/10

Oh… maybe I didn’t think things through…

The game is pretty difficult, and the music needs some work, 6/10

Thanks for the feedback!!! I will not do anything to my game however as I am busy…