This is made for the 2021 8BTI Mouse Jam.

As the name of the jam suggests, you control the player using a banana.


You were chosen to explore and navigate a bunch of portals that opened in a few other alternate destinies of earth.

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AuthorNo Face
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, 8bti, Singleplayer


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This is so cool! I might actually make a similar type of game. Not a clone of this, but were you use the mouse to move the player. 

Thanks! Btw, would you be interested in joining a secret playtest on where you can play a hardcore super meat boy/Celeste like game?

Yeah! I love those types of games.

So you’re interested?


Send me you’re discord so I can dm you the link as soon as I have it ready!

Celeste is my favourite game :)


The concept of the game is quite good. Also, this game well adheres to the theme of the game. The visuals could have been improved a bit more and more sound effects can be added to make it feel good. However, a good game for the jam. 

Have you checked my offer already?


Oh, I think you might have not seen it so here’s the offer:

Would you be interested in playtesting a super meat boy/celeste inspired rage platformer. It is free, very maddening, in development and soon to be open for playtesting! Pls reply if you’re interested!