Have you ever wondered what a psycho thinks of death?
Some think that they see it as a game, some think they see it as publicity. But to this red psycho, he thinks of it as a way through obstacles.
Combine with his time traveling ability go back to the beginning of an area, we have...

A Good Day To Die

Control the player by using the Left and Right arrows, Space to jump and to reset the level.

This is my submission to the 2021 WOWIE!!! Game Jam 3.0; Thanks for trying my game!!!

P.S. Jonas, if you're the one playing this game. I dare you to beat the game in the most minimalist way possible


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Nice little game. Good work!


Very noice my friend

Thanks bruv! Btw, can you say help me with some layouts for a game or two I’m working on?


LIke level design and shiz

Really like this game. Surprisingly made in GDevelop. 👍👍


Bruh this game is GOOD

Thank you!!!